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Too many companies face this problem: Why aren’t our website readers staying on our page or ordering our products? I can tell you one reason, and I see it in 90% of the marketing texts I get to translate, which ignore this essential rule:

There’s a difference between what you want to say and what you need to say.

This difference lies in what your readers want to know.

It looks like this:

Companies adore talking about themselves. They can’t resist describing their many years of experience, their company history, and their commitment to their clients. They also love to talk about their products, especially all the cool features and amazing innovations.

But here’s the problem. Their readers aren’t interested in that. When they go looking for a product, they’re looking for a certain result, not a feature, or a company’s history. They just want to know how the product or service can solve their problems or make their lives better.

So, when I get a text to translate that talks all about the company and waxes lyrical about the product, an overlooks the reader’s needs, I don’t just translate it—I step into the reader’s shoes and transform it into something that speaks to them.

For instance, take a text about floor coverings. Here’s the direct translation of the text I received:

Our floor coverings meet the highest demands in terms of resilience, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness. With our versatile product portfolio, we cover the needs of the most diverse customer segments.

Depending on the area of application, textile, linoleum or vinyl floor coverings are suitable due to their specific properties. We already pay attention to sustainability when selecting raw materials and use recycled components wherever possible.

With the individual innovative designs of our floor coverings, diverse floor designs and creative room concepts can be implemented.

Did you find this text hard to read? It was actually harder than that because when I got it, it was all one paragraph—the dreaded wall of text! I made it easier by breaking one paragraph into three. But you still found your eyes glazing over, right?

So, let’s rewrite it—and this time we’ll make it all about the reader:

If you’re looking for a floor covering that’s exceptionally durable, beautiful and affordable, you’re in the right place.

You’ll love our versatile product portfolio, designed to meet the needs of diverse customer segments.

A carpet for your bedroom? Linoleum for your company cafeteria? Vinyl for your office? Whatever it is, you’ll find the right solution for your specific need.

You’re also helping to protect the planet because we use raw materials and use recycled components wherever we can.

Use our innovative floor covering designs to enhance your spaces with a wide variety of floor designs and creative room concepts.

With a text like this, you’re focusing on the reader instead of the company. Instead of just listing the types of floor companies, you’re encouraging the reader to see these in their own environment. You’re using the sustainability claim to prick the reader’s environmental conscience. And you’re ending it with a strong call to action.

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